Smart Community & Neighbourhood Planning

Take the smart approach

Our Smart Team create clear, focused strategies. We work closely with our clients and partners to help decide what is most important and shape their future journey from vision to action.

Whatever you want to do to shape the future of your community, we can help you.

Supporting you with Community and Neighbourhood Development Plans and understanding what your community can achieve using the Community Rights within the Localism Act 2011.

Smart Communities quickly understood the parameters and what the objective was. Final report was presented in a very professional manner – very clear and comprehensive.”

Parish Clerk, West Monkton Parish Council for WM & CF NP

Neighbourhood Development Plans & Community Plans 

With support from our Smart Communities team, see the ambitions of your neighbourhood realised with a strategic approach covering the wider priorities of your local community and area.

By creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan, a community can:

  • strongly influence planning decisions on where new homes, shops, offices should be built.
  • have your say on what those new buildings should look like.
  • what infrastructure should be provided.
  • access 25% Community Infrastructure Levy from new build development.

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