Smart Funding

Get smart with your money

Our Smart Communities team offer a range of support and advice which will help you make the most of the funding opportunities available. Get our Smart advice tailored to your needs whether it’s to approach a number of targeted funders or going to one funding provider. From start to finish we can help with your funding strategies, funding plans, funding applications and critiques.

Smart 2021 funding successes

Otterhampton Village Hall, Bishops Hull Hub and BickWatch Electric Vehicle Pilot Project raised a total of over £780,000 with the support of the Smart Communities team.

What was most useful is you were ready to deliver and we knew you knew what you were doing

Otterhampton Village Hall Chair

We can help you with funding plans, decipher application guidelines, prioritise who to apply to and critique applications. Whether you need support from the start of your project or use our knowledgeable Smart Communities team to review your application, we are here at any point you need us.

Be smart with your application and ensure you evidence the need – it isn’t just about your wants when it comes to applications. Independent, robust and appropriate consultation is key to evidencing need.

Our Smart team offer:

  • Pre-survey expert advice
  • Custom questionnaire design
  • Paper or online surveys
  • If paper-based, we can input responses or train your volunteers
  • Analysis, report writing and presentation of findings
  • Funding plans
  • Assistance with bid writing
  • Business Planning
  • Budget and cash flow advice

Don’t leave it to chance! Our knowledgeable, friendly, professional team are available to help you.

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